Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 22

This was the wackiest week. Thanks, in large part, to hormones. (Least favorite part of the female curse. Can I get an amen?) Thanks also to taking care of a sick husband and baby.

I did pretty poorly on the tracking. I did horribly on the water intake. But it turned out pretty okay in the end.

Weight Watchers changed their stupid points system AGAIN. Are they good changes? Yes. Has the app being all messed up totally thrown me off my game for the last two weeks? Most definitely. Has my crappy attitude and saying “eff tracking” been largely because of that? Yooooou betcha.

But I still lost a significant amount of weight this week. Sure, I can chalk that up to the big post shark week loss. (And I am.) But I’m still really, really thankful. God is faithful. He knows what we need. He knew with all the stress of a changing program and malfunctioning app and brain reprogramming and not being able to attend my regular Tuesday morning meeting this week – I needed a win today.

So I’ll take that victory and press on for the next one.


The Numbers: Down suckas!!!!

Non-Scale Victories: A handful of people came up to me at church and told me they could tell I’ve lost weight. That felt really, really good. Even better? I believed them.

Last Week’s Goals: Work out three times this week. – Nnnnope!

This Week’s Goal: Track everything every day even though the new app is malfunctioning and pissing me off.

This Month’s Goal: Maintain current weight. – Yeah, I changed it after processing last week’s holiday weight gain with my bestie. She’s right. Trying to lose weight during such a crazy busy season with sooo many treats everywhere is just really, really hard. So, my goal for December is to maintain my current weight and not gain anything. If I lose – GREAT! If I don’t – not the end of the world. At least I won’t lose any of the ground I’ve worked so hard to gain! For me, for this particular month, it’s just a healthier mindset.