Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 23

This week went so, so well. So much better than I expected when it began.

Turns out, I actually love the new Smart Points “Beyond the Scale” program. And the odds are actually in my favor. See, I learned from my paleo days that a diet high in good protein & veggies and low in processed foods, grains, artificial crap, and added sugars is a very good thing for me. So that’s how I’ve been doing WW – mainly focusing on portion control and snacking more wisely and also the more emotional and psychological aspects of weigh gain, loss, bingeing, not eating, body shaming, etc.

The fact that the program is now designed to go hand-in-hand with what I was already doing just makes my life a whole lot easier. It’s left me with points to spare at the end of the day. As in – usually more than four.

Bravo, WW. Well done, you.


The Numbers: Down! Another five lbs gone and I got my 25 lb charm. (It’s really stupid how much I love those.)

Non-Scale Victories: Confidence and body gratitude levels are waaaay up. My clothes fit better and I feel better. I had to buy all new underwear. No seriously. It was a real problem. A fantastic problem.

Last Week’s Goals: Track everything every day even though the new app is malfunctioning and pissing me off. ✓ Done and done!

This Week’s Goal: One Zumba video per day. This is totally manageable and I know that not only can I do it- one almost always leads to more.

This Month’s Goal: Maintain current weight.