Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 25

So, I skipped a week. It was Christmas. And I am choosing to accept this setback as a normal part of life. Because, as my WW leader reminded me, it is 100% normal to gain weight at the holidays. In fact, most of the world does. I’m choosing to own that and push through it. I am not going to let this stop me! Not not not!!

I’ve also learned (or perhaps re-learned) some things about myself in the time I went totally off the rails. Perhaps most importantly – I am setting too many goals. And sometimes, the actual goals I’m setting are not helpful. ie: who has time to do zumba every day the week before Christmas? And who sets a maintenance goal and then other goals which are geared toward weight loss? Apparently I do. Or did. I can’t do that anymore.

See, I’m a person who really doesn’t do well with setting goals for myself because I tend to obsess over them and only feel like I really met that goal when I meet it and then some. And when I fail, I tend to shame spiral and want to give up on everything. Contrary to what you might believe as a reader of this blog, practicing acceptance of failure is really, really hard for me. So basically, with my 87 goals for the week/month – I’m shooting myself in the foot twice. From now on – there will be one goal at my weekly check-ins. And it will be a realistic (which is different than “achievable”) goal. And I will just focus on whatever that one goal is.


The Numbers: Up. It could have (and probably should have) been much, much worse. Nutella is my one weakness. And that stupid artichoke jalapeno dip from Costco. And salty snacks. Ugggh!!! Whatever. It’s done now. Moving on.

Non-Scale Victories: Hmm. Well, I did fight pretty hard to turn it around after Christmas. It may have been a bit of a losing battle but at least I was actually fighting rather than just completely giving up. That is 100% grace of God though. And I’m really thankful that right now I feel good about starting over. Even though I wish I didn’t have to.

This Week’s Goal: Drink six glasses of water every day. (Cause for whatever reason right now, eight is really difficult.)


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