Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 26

You know those weeks where you try really hard and for the most part, you’re making better choices, but you don’t do it perfectly and so you’re just trying to keep doing the best you can? It was one of those weeks. And to top it all off- the scale went up. Again. For those of you not keeping track – this is the third week in a row. And I am so discouraged.

It’s one of those breaking points. It really is. And I don’t know if you have any idea how much it sucks to have to post about it on here. But I’m committed to being honest with myself and others about this. This is hard. There’s no question of that. It just is. If losing weight and being healthy were easy – everyone would do it.

But believe me when I say this because even though I am really frustrated and discouraged by yet another weight gain right now, this is me sticking my stake in the ground.

I. am. not. giving. up. 

I’m not! I can’t and I won’t. By the grace of God, I am going to fight this battle if it kills me. Because this is for my ultimate good and the good of my family. I do not want to be incapacitated by my physical limitations. And eating whatever I want is not more important than getting my body healthier and ready to have another baby. I have goals and I want to reach them.

And even though it’s hard for me – I need to choose to give myself grace right now. Because gaining weight over the holidays is  n o r m a l . Setbacks are a part of life. Failure is to be expected. I am not capable of perfection. And that’s okay. I’m sure that there are some people out there who would love to have only gained 3 lbs over the holidays. And you know what? It’s three pounds. Am I really going to shame myself into oblivion over three stupid pounds? If I work really hard this week, I can lose it again.


The Numbers: Up. UGHHHH!!!! I’m so mad!! But my hormones are working against me this week and I know that next week I’ll have that exciting post shark week weight loss. Sometimes it really sucks to be a woman, am I right?

Non-Scale Victories: Well, the numbers may have gone up but my wardrobe is going down. I’m in that awkward place again where all my clothes are too big or too small. (Sooo if you’ve seen me in the same outfit a lot lately, it’s because it’s one of the only ones that fit.) And it’s great but it also totally sucks because I so don’t have a budget for needing to replace my clothes again. Also, I did really well with my water intake this week. Not great, but a marked improvement.

This Week’s Goal: Track everything and stay. on. the. plan.