Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 27

This week’s WIW may be a day late, but for the first time in over a month, I’m pretty happy to post it. I had a long time friend from out of town visiting this week and it was wonderful. I tried pretty hard to stay on track with my diet. I’m sure I’ll still have some work to do to catch up– (the wine and cheese were abundant) but I’m hopeful heading into next week too.

Whether I went over my daily point target or not – I did track everything. And it actually did keep me from going totally off the rails.


The Numbers: Down! Finally finally FINALLY down!!! Gosh that felt good. I still have another pound to lose to catch up to where I was before all my holiday merry making.

Non-Scale Victories: I tracked everything. And even though my friend was visiting, for the most part, I stayed. on. plan. That was a HUUUUUUGE victory for me. Feels good!

This Week’s Goal: Hit the gym twice before the next WIW post.

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