Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 28

I know it’s Thursday. I don’t care. Do you care? Ok. Good.

This week, I celebrated my 29th birthday. And I almost did it on plan. Key word: almost. Pizza Luce and birthday dinner and dessert completely derailed me. But I kept going to the gym to try to work it off. I’m honestly super, super mad about the gain this week. I feel like I worked so hard and I spent most of yesterday just eating my emotions and consequently hating myself for it. It’s not healthy. I need to get serious. And that might mean making some hard choices about not eating anywhere but home or anything but what I prepare and pre-count myself. At least until I really hit my stride with the new SmartPoints program.


I’ve been meme-ing a lot to try to keep myself motivated / change the tape playing in my head. I’ve also been binge watching my favorite show while folding laundry (and wondering how I’m lucky enough that my husband is basically Captain Hook’s twin without the guyliner.)

I also decided to do a little before-and-after (or during?) comparison of myself in (almost) the same outfit. Sadly, that black sports bra doesn’t really fit anymore – so it’s not a perfect comparison. Also– check out how slowly my hair grows!!! (Curly girls know. They just know.)


Is there a super dramatic change between those two photos? No. But I can see a difference. And progress is progress. It’s nice to see I’m making some, even if I’ve been stuck in this rut for a while.


The Numbers: Don’t even ask me about the stupid numbers. That is just so wildly unfair given how hard I worked at the gym this week. Whatever. It could have been worse, I guess.

Non-Scale Victories: Not only did I meet my goal of going to the gym twice – I actually went THREE times. And one of those times, I ran. On purpose. Whaaaaaat?! One of those times I also hurt myself so bad I was totally out of commission from sickness, dehydration, and pain for a full day. Not recommended. I blame the free session I did with that overzealous personal trainer. Wouldn’t be the first time I got sick after one of those. Whatever. I survived it. That’s a big NSV.

This Week’s Goal: Give SmartPoints a real chance. No creative tracking or cheating or trying to make it paleo or the old program. I feel like I’ve been one foot out and one foot in and everyone who’s really committed to the new program is losing weight like crazy and here I am still puttering around with the same stupid three pounds I gained over Christmas. I’m. going. to. do. this.

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