Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 31

I’ve never read the book “Surprised By Grace” – but I love its title.

It’s a phrase I’m rather fond of turning over and over in my mind.

It’s a phrase that pretty much perfectly sums up the way this week went.

I’ve been working out like. crazy. At least three times a week at the gym – 30-40 mins of interval running and then several sets of reps with weights – targeting different areas on different days. And then I started doing Yoga Camp with Adriene every day. Her videos are typically about 30 mins long – specifically geared toward beginners and then growing more and more difficult as she works on getting stronger and stronger. It’s been going well.

That is, until I hurt my foot. It wasn’t exercise related. In fact, it was related to walking around in socks on our jacked up hardwood floors. I got a beast of a splinter deep in the outer arch of my foot. And it has made standing and walking quite a chore over the last week. I felt like such a dope. How ridiculous that something so small could slow me down so much!

Then I realized– maybe slowing down was a good thing. Maybe I’ve been overdoing it with the exercise thing. I mean – going from regular walks around the neighborhood this summer and averaging 8-10K steps per day to little more than occasional mall walking as soon as it started getting cold to working out for an hour and a half every other day? Probably not healthy. Probably not wise.

Remember how I said when it comes to weight loss, I’m prone to either obsession or apathy? I’m thinking it’s time to focus on finding that balance. Again.

Since my ability to exercise went out the window, I assumed my weight loss would too. As I’ve already learned, it’s a lot harder for me to stay on track with my diet if there isn’t a fitness aspect to keep me motivated. I kept tracking everything and tried to stay within my target– but as the week went on, more and more little splurges kept happening. And I used up all of my weekly points and then some.

And yet– somehow. This happened…

image1 (1)

The Numbers: I feel like I’m having a Grinch moment right now. Picture me standing on the top of Mt. Crumpet, scratching my head, puzzling until my puzzler is sore. It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags! I guess it just goes to show that tracking works. And that all that yoga and working out I was doing finally paid off– even after coming to an abrupt stop on Thursday. Whatever the reason – I’ll take it! Thank you very much!

Non-Scale Victories: Ahhh! I’m so excited about this one. I’ve been kinda stuck in that place for a while now where I’m between sizes and nothing fits right. My too-big clothes were making me look all frumpy and feel terrible about myself. And I didn’t really want to go shopping yet because, really ladies, how awesome does it feel to take multiple sizes in the fitting room and be too fat for one and too skinny for the other? LOSE LOSE! There’s no winning there – it just sucks. Situations like that usually end with me crying and body shaming myself and comfort eating a pint of chocolate ice cream. I’ve been avoiding that particular path of destruction like the plague. BUT! This week I got sick of hating the way I looked in my clothes. I went to Target. I bought a dress. It’s a medium. And it fits!!! I didn’t even bother trying on the large one. The dress fit and I loved it so I bought it and it feels amazing. End of story!

This Week’s Goal: Focus on finding the balance between obsession and apathy by setting reasonable exercise goals.