Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 32

I know, it’s Thursday again.

But potty training. And sick toddler. And gain. And chick band practice. This week got away from me SO FAST. And it’s running away even faster now. So let’s get down to it, shall we?


The Numbers: Ugh. Stupid, stupid numbers. I’m having a hard time getting a baseline for SmartPoints. I realize part of that is because I started exercising and also adding a weight lifting component that I never had before. I also realize this means that sometimes the scale goes up or doesn’t do anything but my body is getting trimmer because muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less space. This is the only logical explanation for why the scale went up but my clothing size is going down. And while there is some comfort in knowing that – it still sucks to see the numbers go in the opposite direction you want them to– even in a small amount. It makes me want to buy the Fitbit Aria scale that will give me more numbers and a more accurate representation of what is going on in my body. But it’s expensive and more numbers mean more things to obsess about moving the way I want them to which may or may not be healthy for me. Sigh.

Non-Scale Victories: This past week, my goal was about adjusting my current exercise routine to something more reasonable. I did that. As of right now, I’m doing cardio every other day and Yoga Camp on the days I’m not doing cardio. For now, I’ve eliminated all weight lifting until I get a solid baseline for what kind of results to expect from the new SmartPoints program. Then I will gradually add that back into my routine. Reasonably. Lord willing.

This Week’s Goal: Focus on hydrating. Lots and lots of water!!