Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 33

This post may seem a little disjointed. I apologize for that – but there is a reason for this madness. I started writing it before my weekly weigh-in and meeting. I don’t know where I’m at scale wise this week, but I don’t want to let that define me. I don’t want to be a slave to some numbers on an unreliable piece of equipment. So whether those numbers go up or down, I’m not going to let them be the sole gauge of how I did this week. Because – as we all know – being healthy is about so much more than just what the scale says.

So. Let’s talk positive changes. My water intake is up. My Couch-to-5K interval training is going well – I’m up to five minute intervals now and feeling strong. I bought a bunch of fresh veggies this week and immediately washed, cut, and stored them in containers in my fridge rather than leaving them in the little drawers where good intentions go to die. (Love that meme.)

Oh! And one more thing. I did a little face-to-face photo comparison. I didn’t think my weight loss would be that noticeable. But look at this!!!


And that top one was taken at a flattering downward angle too! For the sake of full disclosure, I began my WW journey in July of 2015. Imagine what my face must have looked like then! I can’t! I hardly noticed a change in my face at all until I put these photos side by side. Even my husband’s eyebrows shot up when I showed him. (He doesn’t often have visible reactions. That one was something I will treasure.) I wonder how different my face will be at 50 lbs gone? Or all 90? Mind. Blown.

The point? Photos are GREAT motivators. Even if it hurts – take them now! You’ll be glad to have a comparison in a few months when you’re feeling like all your hard work isn’t paying off as much as you were hoping.

I also have to acknowledge the not-so-great changes this week. Tracking. Le sigh. I was not the best tracker. I tried to be, but eventually got frustrated and gave up a few days. So I don’t feel like this week is going to be terribly effective at establishing a baseline for how SmartPoints actually works. (Specifically, how much weight I can expect to lose if I stay 100% on track in a week.) But I kept getting back at it the following morning instead of shame-spiraling out of control, so there’s progress!

Now that I’ve celebrated and considered my week sans numerals, I will go to my meeting, step on the scale, and take that feedback for what it’s worth.

image1 (2)

The Numbers: Holy buckets. What the heck. I can’t even. I wonder how effective this program would be if I actually did stay on track every single day?

Non-Scale Victories: See above.

This Week’s Goal: Track everything, every day, with integrity — no matter how frightening the points values or portion sizes may be! Do it for the sake of establishing a solid and understandable baseline! It’s going to be worth it!!!