30 by 30

I’ve been sitting on this post since… well, my birthday in January.

I’m testing my limits with goals. Up until beginning this WW journey, I avoided setting goals. Probably because if I didn’t completely smash them out of the park, I considered them proof of my constant and consistent failure. Which obviously is a terrible thing to subject yourself to.

But here’s the thing– I’m an ambitious person. I always have been. To suppress this undeniably true part of who I am is just silly. While yes, sometimes my ambition leads to failure, it also sometimes leads to achievements I didn’t know I was capable of.

Like running for eight minutes straight. That’s a new record for me.

Or losing 30 lbs. That’s half of the baby weight I gained in my first pregnancy.

Or leading a team of amazingly talented women in three full sets of music. In front of 60+ people. Without shaking so badly that I started crying and lost my voice.

Sometimes, it’s good to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones.

So here are thirty ways I’m going to try to do that this year.

30 Before 30

  1. Count others more significant than myself
  2. Lose 30 more lbs (Total 60 lbs loss from beginning WW)
  3. See my bestie
  4. Make it out of the “obese” category on the BMI chart
  5. Go camping
  6. Plan an actual family vacation
  7. Run a 5K.
  8. Get the 50 lb charm from WW
  9. Go on a date with my husband wearing the pretty blue dress I found at the thrift store. (Which presently does not fit.)
  10. Try 10 different activities for date nights. (Rather than solely relying on restaurants which is not terribly enjoyable for either of us b/c of my food allergy and my husband’s apathy re: food)
  11. Paint my bedroom
  12. Paint Moses’ room
  13. Paint the third bedroom
  14. Declutter my house
  15. Start offering babywearing photo sessions at KMP
  16. Actually put that special stylized session idea into motion.
  17. Write (and finish) a new song
  18. Do something that scares me
  19. Actually play that open mic night we’ve been talking about with Matt!
  20. Paint something just for fun
  21. Hang the gallery wall in my living room
  22. Write more
  23. Affirm my husband more
  24. Print my favorite wedding and baby photos and do something with them!
  25. Ask for help when I need it
  26. Intentionally bless another mama
  27. See something at the Guthrie
  28. Give sacrificially
  29. Throw a “Once”-style music party
  30. Read and review 30 books

If you have recommendations on that last one – I’d love to hear them!!


One thought on “30 by 30

  1. I love this list! I turn 30 in May and I couldn’t be more excited. I thought I would be nervous about hitting that milestone but I’m not. I have been reading a lot of Michael Pollan’s books. Not sure if his work is something that interests you. Try The Omnivore’s Dilemma if you think you might like his stuff.


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