Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 35

It’s good to hash out all the things I’m working through. It’s also good to be concise. I promised I would be and lately, I haven’t done such a great job of letting my words be few. Sorry about that!!

That said, this was a great week. I stayed on plan. I tracked everything. We even went out for lunch to a fancy steakhouse and I was careful and mindful and didn’t even have to dip into my weeklies!

I didn’t feel super amazing physically this week. I think I got glutened somewhere. It was pretty mild, but it did throw off my workout schedule. I didn’t beat myself up about that too much because I felt like it would help establish a good baseline for SmartPoints, which has been my goal all month long.

So. Here’s what happens when you track everything, stick to the plan, and add a very moderate amount of exercise. (30 mins, 2x a week)


The Numbers: THREE POUNDS GONE IN ONE WEEK!!! That has not happened since my very first week on the old program! I can hardly believe it. I know lots of people are consistently experiencing this kind of loss in my meeting when they’re staying on track. But I haven’t really been one of them. I’m going to give it one more week, maybe two– of just tracking and moderate exercise and use that information as my personal baseline. Then I’ll start adding weights back into my routine.

Non-Scale Victories: I can run for eight minutes without stopping!!! My Couch to 5K training plan had a pretty dramatic jump in expectations this week. Up until now, it’s been increasing by about a minute at a time. Not this week. We went from 5 to 8 mins of running. That is a new record for me. It feels AMAZING. And all of this started by the concept of “fitting in fitness” – finding little ways throughout the day to be more active. (ie: A 3 min Zumba video on YouTube. Parking far away from your destination. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking to the park instead of driving. Choosing to go with my husband and FIL when they take him sledding instead of sitting at home.) It seems like those things don’t make much of a difference. But they do. It sounds corny, but they really are little lifestyle changes. One little step at a time, I went from a person who preferred knitting and reading and Netflix binges to a person who still enjoys those things but is also halfway through her training program to be able to run a 5K. And all of it is grace, grace, grace.

This Week’s Goal: Continue meticulously tracking and staying on plan.