Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 36

Ok. So I feel like I’ve finally established a good baseline for SmartPoints. I think I’ve learned that if I stay on track– and by that I mean tracking everything with accuracy and integrity and staying within or close to my daily point budget, exercising at least 2x a week for 30 mins, and not neglecting hydration– I can expect to lose between 1-3 lbs per week. And then when I make healthier choices, that number is closer to 3 lbs per week. And when I make not-so-healthy choices, it’s closer to one. Or sometimes, gains. And not all points are created equal. Some foods which may not have a high SP value will still affect my weight loss negatively. (Like salty foods. Or foods that are too fatty. And not the good kind of fat either.)

All of this makes perfect sense.

So. That being said, you’ll probably be able to tell what kind of week I had now.



The Numbers: Down! And I celebrated another 5 lbs gone at my meeting. It feels good.

Non-Scale Victories: I had a dessert this week. I had a strategy– I bought one individually packaged, very overpriced gluten-free blondie at Whole Foods. I ate it when the rest of my family was eating dessert after lunch on Sunday. And I didn’t go off the rails. I tracked it. And I stayed. on. plan. Now, I did very much want to go wildly off the rails and eat every sugary thing I could get my hands on and then some. But I didn’t. Grace upon grace upon grace!

This Week’s Goal: Start working on my abs! If any of you mamas out there have workout recommendations for toning up a 2+ years (or 9 months) postpartum belly, I would GREATLY appreciate them!


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