Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 38

Ok. So I skipped last week. It was a crazy week. And so is this one. So I’ll give you a quick re-cap here.

Last week, the scale went up 2.4 lbs. It sucked. But it didn’t kill me. In fact, I didn’t even really get that mad about it. It was understandable. I had a lot of really emotional stuff going on and I was emotional eating and then trying to stay on track and succeeding and then failing and honestly? Stressing myself out over whether or not I was giving 100% to my overall health was just not something I was going to do when I had that much crap going on. So, I had my obligatory “ugh” moment and moved on. #NSV, right?

This week, the scale went down 2.2 lbs. Which is great. It sucks that I’m still up 0.2 lbs from where I was two weeks ago but you know what? It’s 0.2 lbs. And I’m human. And it’ll be gone by next Wednesday and then some. #NSV again.

My life simply cannot revolve around making the healthiest choices all the time. It just is what it is. Does that mean that I don’t care or that I’m giving up? No. It just means that while I’m striving toward these goals, life is happening. And it doesn’t stop just because I didn’t track that snack. Or I sat on my butt and drank coffee and looked at Facebook instead of doing yoga.

It’s about forward motion. It’s about grace. It’s about reminding myself that one step back doesn’t make all the other steps forward null and void. It’s about remembering that I am both.


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