WIW: Week 42

This week, I am hitting the reset button. I am tired of this plateau. I am tired of playing diet games. I’m tired of not meeting my goals. I’m tired of letting my life be ruled by circumstance.

Yes, there are a lot of hard things in my life right now. But I can’t let them derail me any more. Yes, it’s hard to make healthy choices when the amount of crap on your plate is excessive. But it’s also hard to be stuck. And it’s hard to get back on track when you’re bingeing on peanut butter cups.

So. Here goes. Back on track, quitting the games, starting right now. This time next week, I’ll be closer to 40lbs gone than 35.


The Numbers: This has actually never happened to me before. But with the way this week/month/year has been, I’ll take it. It’s a reset. Which is great.

Non-Scale Victories: Ummm, it’s shark week and the scale isn’t up? All the peanut butter cups are finally gone? I ate a big grilled chicken salad for lunch after my WW meeting AND tracked it instead of finding the least healthy thing in my house to devour in mass quantities? Reaching, I know.

This Week’s Goal: Quit pretending like I don’t care. I do care. And I’m doing this come hell or high water or both.