Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 43

I absolutely PROMISE that there will be a non-scale blog post THIS WEEK! Been sitting on one for a while, but I’ll push through and post it. Tired of this blog (and my life) being taken over by my struggle to lose weight.

I made some changes this week. I kicked the SmartPoints program to the curb and went back to PointsPlus. GASP! I know. But I learned some things. SmartPoints is too restrictive for me. I get why– they’re trying to teach nutrition and encourage us to stay away from sugar, fried, and fatty foods and eat more lean proteins, fruit, and veggies. But here’s the thing– my problem is not usually that I don’t eat healthfully, but that I eat too much. ie: My go to chocolate is the darkest baking chocolate I can find because I know that I probably won’t binge on it (cause you can’t really) and it’s a healthier choice (antioxidants anyone?) and it satisfies my sweet tooth. Portion control is what I need. Moderation, not restriction. So putting me on a plan that requires either level 10 moderation or total restriction is not going to be workable for me. On PointsPlus, I felt I could have whatever I wanted in moderation. For me, learning moderation from a framework of freedom (rather than restriction) was a really winning program. I lost most of the weight I’ve lost on the old program. Not only that, but I figured out with the help of my dear sister-in-law that I actually wasn’t eating enough. I would starve myself to try to still get to eat the foods I wanted to without going over my daily points allowance and then I’d have no energy and be super cranky and literally falling asleep during the day. Then I’d eventually binge on all sorts of crap and feel better (read: more energy) but also feel even worse, because– well, you just do.

So. It’s back to PointsPlus for me. And so far, I’m feeling pretty fantastic about that decision.


The Numbers: DOWN SUCKAS!!!! Punch that plateau in the face! Punch SmartPoints in the face for derailing me for so long! (Possibly watching too much Kimmie Schmidt after walking the dog…)

Non-Scale Victories: I made the switch back to PointsPlus and I’m feeling SO MUCH BETTER. Also I keep winning Fitbit challenges and hitting 20K steps a day. Fun new habit! Also– I made it out of the “Obese 2” category on the BMI chart. Now I’m just “Obese 1”! Can’t wait to just be “overweight”! (Thanks for choosing the nicest words possible, CDC.)

This Week’s Goal: Eat a salad with lunch every day this week. (Good gracious it feels good to not set another tracking goal!)


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  1. I decided I will be following your blog because I love your sass and your curly hair is super cute and gorgeous! I have a blog too if you care to follow 😊 I love that you do non scale victories. As women it’s important to think about accomplishments and qualities we have that are unrelated to our physical appearance (my fiancé loves the funny voices and accents I do haha) until next time!

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