Honest ThredUp Review

I really want to do a totally unbiased review for you of an online thrift store called ThredUp. I’ve now placed a few orders and even sent in some clothing for donation/store credit. So now I feel ready to share them with you all! (As well as this coupon for $10 off your first purchase!)

In summary: I definitely recommend shopping this site, but only if you don’t need your purchase in a hurry. If you’re just taking your time shopping around and exploring other styles and sizes, then go for it!

Want more info? Keep reading!


Ease: 5/5

I love thrifting as much as the next person, but no matter how you slice it, it is time consuming. You never know what you’re going to find– which is sometimes exciting and sometimes frustrating. Especially if you have a bored child with you. Or several. Being able to get great used clothing at great prices without having to leave the comfort of my own home? Or park bench? Or treadmill? My fellow multi-tasking mamas, are you feeling me?

Selection: 5/5

I was surprised by how many items they had and all different sorts! And like a regular thrift store, their inventory is always changing. You can get extremely specific with what you want them to show you. So if you’re looking for a women’s dress in a size 10 from the Gap– filter appropriately and it will only show you what you want to see. Unlike combing through a thrift store for hours– checking all the sizes because you know they suck at putting things where they belong.


Accurate Representation of Color & Size of Items: 2/5

Yeeeeah. If you’re used to shopping online, you’re already familiar with this quandry. (PEOPLE! How hard is it to white balance your cameras effectively?! It isn’t!) The red dress I thought I bought actually turned out to be coral. Bummer. But it’s cute enough that I kept it anyway. And as for the sizing issue– if you’re used to buying your clothes in a thrift store, you probably already know what I’m going to say. Sometimes clothes shrink after washing and wearing. Sometimes you grab a dress that’s labeled “medium” and in the “medium” section and find out it’s actually a juniors medium. Or a maternity medium. This also happened to me with several items I purchased from ThredUp. But this isn’t actually a deal breaker for me because…..

Ability to Return Items: 8279247823749832748937/5

YOU CAN RETURN STUFF!!! You can’t return stuff to a thrift store! If you bought a junior’s medium or find your cute dress has 16 buttons down the front and all of them malfunction while you’re wearing it– you’re stuck with that mess! You can get all the money back in store credit or you can pay a restocking fee (boo!) and get the actual cash back. You do have to print out a return form and then drop it off at the post office.

Prices: 4/5

Not exactly what I’d call thrift store prices. Maybe more like retail clearance prices. They do have a lot of designer items so if that’s not your deal, make sure you narrow your search by including price criteria that fits with your budget. But cheaper than retail is cheaper than retail, right? And they ALWAYS have coupon codes listed on their website and app. (Usually 10-15% off, sometimes more.)

Speedy Delivery and Processing: 0/5

This is their biggest failing in my book. Shipping takes FOREVER. Order processing of items bought, returned, or sent in for cash/credit takes FOREVER. I seriously felt like I was waiting for my first order to arrive via Wells Fargo Wagon. (Oh, don’t let it pass my dooooor!) And it took THREE WEEKS to process the first “clean out kit” I sent in.

Payout for Clean-out Kits: 3/5

I was kind of disappointed here. I felt like they were pretty stingy with the amount they paid out for the items I sent them– some of which were new with tags or in like new condition and many were name brands. I sent in six items and received $15.88 in store credit. (They sold my new with tags Gap dress for $17.49, even though it was originally almost $50. Not that I paid $50 for it. I’m a clearance rack queen.) But if you’re like me and you’re going to get rid of your old clothes anyway and you really need funds for new clothes because you’re growing out of them constantly and you’re planning to use ThredUp anyway… You get the idea.

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