WIW: Week 47

It’s not Wednesday. And I skipped last week. We just got back from a lovely cross-country road trip vacation with my toddler. It was wonderful– but totally exhausting. And I took the week off all non essential responsibilities– including tracking.

Consequently, I have some work to do this week. But I’m choosing to focus on forward motion rather than dwelling on regret.

I feel like I’ve been playing diet games over the last couple weeks (tracking/not tracking, bingeing and then over-exercising to compensate for the bingeing)– so I think taking a week decidedly off tracking and just eating what I wanted (and consequently, seeing the scale go up) was actually really good for me. Sort of reminding myself that “Oh.. you actually feel like total crap when you put junky food into your system. And even though it tastes good, it’s usually not as good as you think it’s going to be. And not really worth days of feeling yucky and tired.”

The Numbers: Up 3.8 lbs. Ugh, right? But still, after eating whatever I wanted on vacation (including ice cream cake, lots of salty crunchy things, and even candy)– I expected it to be worse. I also did lots of swimming and walking all around the farm, so I guess things even out.

Non-Scale Victories: I bought a swim suit this week and I love it. Not only do I love it, I actually love the way it looks on me. And it’s a one piece— which is not something I would have ever thought I could like myself in.

This Week’s Goals: Eat with mindfulness and purpose. Track everything, no matter what it is.