WIW: Week 49

Dare I say it? Have I finally found that rhythm I’ve been desperately trying to get back in? I hope so! 

The Numbers
: Down! And over that vacation gain. Woot! 

Non-Scale Victories: I asked my bestie for more accoutability and she said yes! She also gave some very wise advice about goals and motivation and I took it! My new weight goal will be 150 lbs and then once I get there, I’ll see if I want to keep going or start trying to have a baby again. It feels much more achievable! And that makes me feel empowered rather than paralyzed. Yay for besties! Oh– and my fridge is full of delicious and healthy things that are ready for me to eat (I.e.: veggies are washed and cut and ready to go!) because I’ve learned that in those hurried moments, I’m much more likely to grab something healthy if it’s ready to go! 

This Week’s Goal: For the love of Pete, do some ab work!!! 🙈😩