Four Months.

Judah is four months old this week. I blogged Moses’ milestones every month. And I’m glad I did now, so I can look back and see what was going on developmentally and compare. I wish I could say that everything I said in my last blog post about Judah was still true. But it’s not.


He has terrible tummy problems. He screeches and freaks out during feedings and I can hear his little tummy making gurgly noises while he’s eating. He spends a large amount of time crying every day. He seems to have a hard time with the whole digestive and elimination process in general. We’ve tried three different probiotics, gas drops, two reflux meds, gripe water.. you name it. Nothing seems to help much. He does have good days occasionally, which is extremely helpful, but overall, he seems to be an incredibly fussy baby. I’m looking forward to discussing this with a different doctor in the coming week at his four month checkup, but at this point, I’m kind of just resolved to accept that this is the way he is and there isn’t anything I can do about it except try to endure it with patience and love.

At this point, he totally sucks at napping during the day and sleeps okay at night. He’s up fussing a good bit of the time between 1 and 6 am. Usually this seems like it’s due to gas pain or reflux. Lately it seems like he’s trying to settle into some sort of rhythm— awake for two hours, asleep for 45 mins. Normally, I’d be all over the sleep training at this point, but due to his inexplicable tummy troubles, I’m hesitant to push that agenda just yet. I’m kind of just holding out for that six month mark where most babies seem to chill out and be happy.


At four months, Judah…

  • loves playing on “his cloud”.  It was a Christmas present since Moses broke his old play mat thing the second I brought it up for Judah.  I kind of love that it’s a rain cloud/sunshine/rainbow theme for my rainbow baby.  Didn’t realize that until after.  Makes me smile every time I see him on it though.
  • has a top front tooth poking through. All my teething necklaces are really too big for him to wear safely at this point, so we’ve been trying to make it through with Tylenol and various teething toys.
  • hates taking medicine (even the not yucky kinds) except for Little Remedies Gas Drops. Go figure. Trying to get him to take (and keep down) reflux meds every day is a CHORE.
  • LOVES his Daddy. Especially Daddy’s voice and Daddy’s “magic hold” that involves making a little throne for him with his arms and walking backward and forward while watching Joe Robinet bushcraft videos on YouTube. I have no idea why this combination of things is magic, but it totally is.
  • has eczema and super sensitive skin. I have to lotion him up with a super thick hypoallergenic lotion twice a day or he screams pretty much around the clock and his skin gets scaly, peels, and flakes off. I’ve also had to switch detergents and I’m about to try switching diapers to try and control his nigh constant diaper rash as well. (Why are my kids so darn persnickety and expensive?!)
  • is absolutely enormous. He’s wearing size 3 diapers and 9 month clothing. My four month old is wearing nine month clothing. And has been for a while. I seriously can’t even. Slow down, Judah!
  • is starting to laugh. And it’s the sweetest heart melting thing ever.
  • has the most adorable smile and the prettiest blue eyes. For some reason, he really, really reminds me of my FIL Dennis. Just around the eyes. Not sure why, but sometimes he’ll just look at me and that’s all I can see. It’s the most bizarre thing.
  • LOVES his big brother. He basically thinks Moses is the greatest thing since Daddy. And Moses seems to feel exactly the same about him. And I love watching them love each other. Totally melts my sleep deprived unwashed, grumpy mama heart— even on my very worst sleep deprived, unwashed, grumpy days.