Six months.

Judah is six months old this week. I can hardly believe it.


Apparently I’ve learned some things this time around.  I’ve let go of a lot of expectations— for both myself and my kids.  Judah’s still not exactly on a schedule.  He does have a fairly predictable rhythm to his day and he does nap now, which is a vast improvement over where we stood at four months.  And that’s good enough for me.


My house is consistently messier than I prefer.  We don’t get out much.  It’s just not worth it while the weather is so gross.  My meals— when I actually do cook— are less creative and more repetitive.  Moses and I are pretty much living on frozen gluten free chicken nuggets during the day.  My hair and makeup game is not too strong these days and I’m seriously regretting chopping all my hair off.  (NOTE TO SELF: Katie, if you ever have another baby, RESIST THIS URGE!  Short hair means you can’t pull it back in a bun and that means you have to actually *do* your hair or it looks like a literal birds nest.)  Moses spends a lot of time indoors with screens, far more than I prefer or normally allow.  Also, I’m not really eating healthfully, mindfully, or exercising really at all.  I’m spending more money on Amazon and Instacart than I probably should. 

But I’ve decided that for right now, while I’m still nursing my baby and it’s *still* winter in Narnia, it’s just about survival.  And “I’ll fix it later” has just become my reality.  And right now, that’s good enough for me.


At six months, my little baby Judah Bear…

  • rolls from front to back and back to front and pushes up on his tummy.  He sometimes forgets he’s capable of all these things and cries until I help him.
  • is about 60% proficient at sitting up unassisted in the tripod position.
  • has a “happy noise” which is basically just screaming.
  • LOVES his oatmeal mixed with fruit and veggie purees and breastmilk.  So far his favorites are mangoes, carrots, and peaches.  I feel like pears make him extra fussy and his eczema flares when I give him bananas.  That last one could be circumstantial though since I was playing around with different hypoallergenic detergents at the time.
  • has decided he likes to take his medicine. Consequently, he’s much happier.
  • has extremely sensitive skin, which means hypoallergenic, free and clear EVERYTHING.
  • is CONSTANTLY teething and soaking through bibs and clothing.  I found these super thick organic cotton and terrycloth bandana bibs on Etsy and they are a LIFESAVER.  Without them, I’d have to change his shirt at least four times a day.  Not because I’m that persnickety, but because HE is.
  • can’t tolerate an amber teething necklace for some reason. Which, needless to say SUUUUUUCKS.
  • thinks his big brother is the funniest person in the entire world. The rest of us have to work pretty hard to get Judah to laugh and when he does, it’s totally fleeting. But Moses can get him laughing and keep him laughing  F O R E V E R.
  • loves his Daddy SO much.  We have a theory that there are times when Judah is crying/fussing inconsolably and the reason is simply because Aaron isn’t here.  In such times, Aaron comes home and Judah falls silent and just gives him this totally placid look like, “Oh good, you’ve come. What took you so long?”
  • has the most gorgeous blue eyes.  Lighter around his pupil and a dark ring around the edge of the iris.  I hope they always stay this way, cause I just love them.