Week Two Weigh-in

So.  I set a goal last week.  And I kept it.  And lo and behold, it paid off!  Not only did it pay off on the scale, it paid off *off* the scale too.  I gained confidence, energy, a desire to be more active, faith in the program, and even allowed myself a burger and fries on Saturday and didn’t completely derail myself.  I tracked it, made adjustments in my plan for the remainder of the week, and moved on.  This doesn’t happen for me.


The Numbers:  Down.  Way down!  And it feels great.

Non-Scale Victories:  I kept my tracking goal, drank more water than one might believe humanly possible, had a DELICIOUS burger and fries on purpose and tracked it and stayed on plan despite it all.  And all of this in the midst of an absolutely hellish week with my six month old who’s been crying more often than not and not sleeping more than he does.  It was incredibly hard work, but it has been worth it.

This Week’s Goals:  I really like the idea of “finding time to fit in fitness”– specifically, finding ways to be active as much as you can within the confines of your regular schedule, rather than trying to carve out a big block of time.  (It’s how I eventually worked myself up to training to running for almost 30 mins without stopping, last time I did WW.  So I know it’s a practice that builds confidence, endurance, and more ambitious fitness goals.)  And it just so happened to be the subject of my meeting this week.  So.  Let’s start with a reasonable goal of “fitting in fitness” three times this week.