Week Three Weigh-in

I set a reasonable goal last week to be more active.  Specifically, that goal was to “fit in fitness” three times.  I kept it!  I did a bunch of zumba videos on YouTube one day (which scared both of my children), I went for a walk with a friend, and I did squats while folding laundry.  (In a family of four, that’s a LOT of squats, y’all.)

I’m still tracking obnoxiously.  It’s working well for me, keeping me accountable, and most of the time, I feel empowered when I do it.  This is a little strange to me.  I guess because before I’ve always kinda played fast and loose with measurements and had mixed results.  But if five ounces means five ounces and not 5.1, 5.2, or some other number above five that we’re rounding down– then I know exactly how much I’ve had and what I can expect from myself, my body, and the scale.  If a tablespoon is one leveled tablespoon and not one heaping tablespoon, I don’t get surprises on weigh day.  It’s not a craps shoot.  And I’m really liking that.  For now.

I will say I had a few days this past week that I just really didn’t care much.  I got a little obsessive over those little blue dots– the ones you get in the app for days when you stay within a healthy range with your points.  I’m going to largely choose to ignore those from now on, cause while they are a positive motivator, they also tempt me to not track accurately, which would be going back to old, unhelpful habits, and thus counterproductive.


The Numbers: Down! Wooooot! And it’s shark week too! And it was down the week before shark week! That’s not even remotely normal in my experience. I’m thrilled.

Non Scale Victories: Kept my fitness goal. Didn’t chuck it all out the window even when I wanted to after we got this big nasty stupid snow storm. Still doing pretty well with water intake.

This Week’s Goal:  YOGA.  At least one time.  It’s gonna be tough because I’m crazy out of shape and my kids don’t give me much in the way of free time.  But I can find time to make it work at least once.