Week Four Weigh-in

It’s Thursday, but I’m still weighing in.  This week has been the first truly pleasant spring weather we’ve had here in the arctic tundra, so I haven’t been inside at a computer much.  (NSV, right?)


The Numbers: Down!  And after weeks of losing 1 lb or more, I can’t say I was thrilled when I saw this number.  But a loss is a loss and worthy of celebrating.  So huzzah!

Non-Scale Victories:  Well, I went a little off the rails this weekend.  Sort of stopped tracking.  I mean, I kind of tracked in my head, but I wasn’t writing it or keeping track of the math exactly.  But, I did turn it around and I’m back to it now.  And even though I didn’t meet my yoga goal from last week, I did get out for several walks.

This Week’s Goal:  MOVE.  Find ways to get moving.  Walking, yoga, active play time with kiddos, giving my shower that spring deep clean it so desperately needs.  Or I could work on cleaning up the back yard.  We never finished taking care of the leaves this fall.  Between sciatica and birth and my husband’s work schedule and the snow starting as early as it did, it just didn’t happen.  So there are a lot of fit points to be earned back there.