Full Term!

We did it! We made it to 37 weeks! Good job, baby Moses! Thank you, Jesus. I am so. stinking. thankful. that the end is near. So thankful for this little boy and the gift of a healthy (albeit miserable) pregnancy, but seriously. CAN’T WAIT to not be pregnant anymore. I’m nesting. I’m also very … More Full Term!

Week 12

This week brings me working on a baby blanket for Baby Maurer. Hand knit baby blankets are so much work that I’ve actually never made one before. There are so few people in this world that I love enough to commit to such a major project– though for several, I’ve come very, very close. I … More Week 12

Here I Go Again

I suppose while I’m attempting to revive my blog, it’s only fitting that it should get a makeover. (Don’t you just love it?! It still needs a little work, but overall, I’m quite happy with it. The background photo is from our engagement photos with Ryan Stadler – love it so much!) I should probably … More Here I Go Again


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the morning with the lovely and talented Grace. She was so kind to get all dressed up and in character before 7:00 AM for a sunrise shoot in St. Paul. There were so many photos I loved, but here are two of my favorites. There are more on … More Grace


Lately, I’ve been a major league blog slacker. In fact, I’ve been neglecting the internet all together. Can’t say I’m too apologetic about the latter part. Life away from the keyboard is actually quite nice. But it certainly can leave one feeling disconnected if she’s not careful. (No pun intended.) Lately, I got a new … More Lately