WIW: Week 48

You know why I love PointsPlus? IT WORKS! And not only does it work– it works even when you don’t do it perfectly. I had a pretty good week. And then I totally fell off the wagon yesterday. And then I got back on. And I was dreading stepping on the scale this morning cause … More WIW: Week 48

30 by 30

I’ve been sitting on this post since… well, my birthday in January. I’m testing my limits with goals. Up until beginning this WW journey, I avoided setting goals. Probably because if I didn’t completely smash them out of the park, I considered them proof of my constant and consistent failure. Which obviously is a terrible thing to … More 30 by 30


Dear friends and regular subscribers, I’m willing to bet you’re a little bit shocked that this blog is getting an update. Especially since it hasn’t had a true update since my toddler was eight months old. I truly am sorry. But life happened. And it happened a LOT. Frankly, the best thing for me in … More Ch-ch-ch-changes!