Four years ago, I left a piece of my heart in Romania, especially with the Roma (Gypsies). I was greatly challenged by the language barrier and cultural differences, and deeply blessed by the things that were universal and needed no translation whatsoever– things like love and brokenness, worship and thankfulness, and the look on the … More Romania

I’m a quitter

In case you haven’t noticed, I shut down my Etsy shop. It was great for a season – I feel like I learned so much! But after much prayer and rationalizing, I’ve decided this is just not the right season. In addition to keeping me so busy and introverted that I had no time for … More I’m a quitter

Katie and the Pipers’ Great American Road Trip Marathon

So, in case you haven’t heard, I’m taking a road trip across America with the family I work for. Lord willing, on Friday we’ll begin the 14 hour trip to Colorado (near Denver). We’ll be there for two weeks while Abraham will be hard at work preparing for the upcoming Abuyo launch. Then we’ll head … More Katie and the Pipers’ Great American Road Trip Marathon


There he is. My absentee father. This is the only picture I have of him. We’ve never spoken. He left when I was just a couple months old and he’s never tried to contact me. To be fair, I’ve never tried to contact him either. From time to time, I’ve toyed with the idea, but … More Fathers