My son is eight months old. He’s nearly been alive as long out of the womb as he was in it. For some reason, that just blows my mind. Watching him change and grow and learn always makes me think of how once he was this tiny little boy, roaring on the warming table while … More Eight.

Three Months.

Right about now my life pretty much revolves around Moses. So instead of wasting precious nap time trying to come up with something thought provoking to say about marriage and motherhood when I don’t actually have anything in mind, I’m going to quickly get this post up, have a cup of tea, and heck, maybe … More Three Months.

Week 13

This week has been rather a sick one unless I’m sitting very still. About all I seem to be able to do without gagging is work on the baby blanket. However, I’m pretty determined to at least utilize this forced down time to get all my photography stuff together. My official website is soo close … More Week 13