Judah’s Birth Story

Disclaimer: this is a detailed birth story. Birth is a messy and rather graphic business. There are words and images below that may bother you. If you think they might, I’d encourage you to move along. Thanks! . . . . . . . . . My pregnancy with Judah was easier in some ways … More Judah’s Birth Story

Sakura Bloom Sling Diary Submission – A Day in the Life

It’s February in Minnesota – typically the coldest month of the year. This is when you’re most likely to check your weather app, see that it’s thirty below at 8 AM and that it isn’t going to get any warmer, and want to pull the covers right back over your head. But we are mothers. … More Sakura Bloom Sling Diary Submission – A Day in the Life


My son is eight months old. He’s nearly been alive as long out of the womb as he was in it. For some reason, that just blows my mind. Watching him change and grow and learn always makes me think of how once he was this tiny little boy, roaring on the warming table while … More Eight.


If you’d told me five months ago that come this time of year, I would have such a happy kid, I probably would have thrown something at you. Or at least mumbled some not-so-nice things under my breath about how even though I’m a first time mom, this is not my first rodeo and I … More Seven.


I must confess, I have mixed emotions about my son being six months old. One the one hand– we are finally halfway through the first year! On the other– we are already halfway through the first year!! How thrilling and sad. What a relief and yet just a little bit disappointing. I wouldn’t say I … More Six.


I feel like this month sort of flew by. Something about the weather getting above 30 degrees made me super motivated to get out of our apartment. Either that or I just really couldn’t handle being stuck inside any more. Frankly, Moses can’t either. He gets bored and then he turns into a giant fuss … More Five.