Six months.

Judah is six months old this week. I can hardly believe it. Apparently I’ve learned some things this time around.  I’ve let go of a lot of expectations— for both myself and my kids.  Judah’s still not exactly on a schedule.  He does have a fairly predictable rhythm to his day and he does nap … More Six months.

Four Months.

Judah is four months old this week. I blogged Moses’ milestones every month. And I’m glad I did now, so I can look back and see what was going on developmentally and compare. I wish I could say that everything I said in my last blog post about Judah was still true. But it’s not. … More Four Months.

Judah’s Birth Story

Disclaimer: this is a detailed birth story. Birth is a messy and rather graphic business. There are words and images below that may bother you. If you think they might, I’d encourage you to move along. Thanks! . . . . . . . . . My pregnancy with Judah was easier in some ways … More Judah’s Birth Story

Why A White Middle-Class Christian Can’t Handle This Election

For the last few days, I’ve been stuck in the kind of mindset I can only compare to grief.  I am filled with sorrow (the kind that is so exhausting, getting out of bed and showering is an actual chore), I am angry, I feel sick to my stomach, I can’t handle being around most … More Why A White Middle-Class Christian Can’t Handle This Election

WIW: Week 49

Dare I say it? Have I finally found that rhythm I’ve been desperately trying to get back in? I hope so!  The Numbers: Down! And over that vacation gain. Woot!  Non-Scale Victories: I asked my bestie for more accoutability and she said yes! She also gave some very wise advice about goals and motivation and … More WIW: Week 49