WIW: Week 48

You know why I love PointsPlus? IT WORKS! And not only does it work– it works even when you don’t do it perfectly. I had a pretty good week. And then I totally fell off the wagon yesterday. And then I got back on. And I was dreading stepping on the scale this morning cause … More WIW: Week 48

WIW: Week 47

It’s not Wednesday. And I skipped last week. We just got back from a lovely cross-country road trip vacation with my toddler. It was wonderful– but totally exhausting. And I took the week off all non essential responsibilities– including tracking. Consequently, I have some work to do this week. But I’m choosing to focus on forward … More WIW: Week 47

Halo Top

If you’re a person who follows people with healthy eating goals on Instagram, chances are you’ve already heard of Halo Top. If not, allow me to enlighten you. Halo Top makes ice cream that claims to be low calorie, low sugar, high protein, and all of this is achieved by using all natural ingredients. (The … More Halo Top

WIW: Week 45

Boring things happening on the scale this week, folks. And by that I mean it didn’t go up or down this week. But I’m not surprised. I did a lot of “creative tracking” so it’s time to get back to it! Buuuuut let’s talk for a minute about all the non-scale victories I’ve got going on right … More WIW: Week 45

WIW: Week 44

Sigh. You know, I’m really kind of mad at Weight Watchers right now. I’m mad at SmartPoints. I had a good thing going. I was on a roll. And then they switched the program on me IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!! Jerks. Ruined everything. I know, they didn’t force me to go totally … More WIW: Week 44

Honest ThredUp Review

I really want to do a totally unbiased review for you of an online thrift store called ThredUp. I’ve now placed a few orders and even sent in some clothing for donation/store credit. So now I feel ready to share them with you all! (As well as this coupon for $10 off your first purchase!) In … More Honest ThredUp Review